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Monday, 19 November 2012 14:27
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I bought the online upgrade to Windows 8 yesterday; only $40. Of course, I first did an image backup of my C: drive; after the Windows 8 Preview debacle, I wanted to be able to restore my system easily to Windows 7.

After the download, I saved the install as an ISO file, extracted it, and ran setup. It did the upgrade from Windows 7 quite well, but I did have a few snags after that, and it took a System Restore and some fiddling to get the system booting again. That may have had something to do with some software I'd just installed.

So far...ho hum. The new Modern UI is a bit odd, and I don't see a benefit yet. The loss of the Start button is an irritation. Otherwise, it's much that same. I guess I'll see how it goes.

Date: Tuesday, 20 November 2012 13:56 (UTC)
filialucis: (Reality_Computer)
From: [personal profile] filialucis
Is there a way to get rid of the UI that looks like it was designed for a smartphone?

And what exactly is the reasoning behind that, anyway, on a desktop PC? Aside from the reasoning (if it can be called that) that seems to have driven the Office redesign, which appears to have been "Now that everyone's learned how to work efficiently with the old Office interface, let's mess with everyone's heads by BREAKING it!"

Date: Tuesday, 20 November 2012 14:14 (UTC)
filialucis: (Reality_Computer)
From: [personal profile] filialucis
Hurm. Same old same old, then. I guess I'll treat Win8 the way I treated Vista... ignore it and wait for the next version after it.

Is there a trend emerging where Microsoft caters to the Very Inexperienced™ segment at the expense of alienating more efficient users? I've started doing my spreadsheets in Open Office because the new Excel grates on my nerves, and the only reason I'm putting up with the bloody stupid inflated-with-a-bicycle-pump Office toolbars is that I can't avoid using Word for work purposes. If I could, I'd never spend another cent on MS Office because the OO interface is so much more congenial.


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