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Education is failing us here in South Africa.

The most recent stats for last year's matrics (grade 12 school leavers) have been published. 78% of the matrics passed the year. This sounds OK - after all, it's better than previous years - but then you dig a bit deeper.

For example:
  • If you actually count all of the kids starting Grade 1 in 2002 who passed matric in 2013, then the pass rate is only 38%. In other words, on average, only 38% of our youth are successfully completing school.
  • The Grade 9 average maths mark was 14%. Only 3% of Grade 9s got over 50% for maths.
  • Only 3% of matrics got a distinction for maths. Only 40% of them scored over 40% for maths. Only 26% got over 50% (which is the minimum requirement for any science or commerce-based university course). Similar result for science.

In other words, while the overall pass rate sounds good, the vast majority of even those who passed are not actually educated enough for anything but unskilled jobs. Most of those getting into university can't get into the science and commerce courses, and as a result, SA is desperately short of graduates in the science and engineering fields.

Of course, because most matrics are not qualified enough to get decent jobs, unemployment goes up; the unemployment rate for people in the school-leaving age category is around 40%. Without jobs, poverty worsens, there's impact on the economy, and people aren't able to help their own children through school. It's a vicious cycle. :(

School results

Tuesday, 4 December 2012 14:08
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It seems that the average maths mark for South Africa's Grade 9 students was 13%. 

That's actually pretty frightening. When you consider that so many issues in the country (like unemployment, productivity, middle class growth, the economy) can only be addressed by a large dose of education, it's shocking. These students are going to be another lost generation - uneducated, and unemployable for anything more than menial labour. And yet the government either doesn't care, or can't be bothered to publicise their educational initiatives.

Hayibo had a cynically amusing take on it.


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