Alpine food

Monday, 28 January 2013 15:54
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 We were invited by friends to lunch yesterday, to the Alpine Restaurant, in Linden. The restaurant is owned by Bulgerian brothers, and they have a really diverse menu, including a Bulgerian section, and an Abyssinian menu too. The food's excellent, and well presented. Yum.
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Back in the days of bulletin boards, dial-up modems, SLIP/PPP, Winsock, and those things, just about anyone you chatted to online had some IT connection or involvement, and I think it became a natural thing to assume that people who were interested in IT were interested in online communications.

As connecting to the Internet became more prevalent and easier, I started noticing that the people who communicated a lot were the same people who communicated a lot in the real world: the social people. They're they ones who simply took a new medium of communication into their stride. By contrast, I'd have to say that the vast majority of those people I know (socially) who are in IT tend to be among the worst communicators around; they tend not to answer emails, don't get involved in blogging/Twitter/LJ, don't use messaging clients socially, and don't participate in web forums for non-technical reasons. All very interesting, but sad, in some ways.

What do you think?

Old friends

Friday, 1 August 2008 16:37
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I often wonder what's happened to friends from my childhood. As a kid, I always had a few close friends. I doubt that I'd still be friends now; after all, interests diverge and people change. Still, I wonder what they did with their lives.

Here are some:
Primary school, Alberton and Germiston
  • Eddie King (Charles Edward King) - he and Alan Cook and I were best of friends in Grades 2-3, and did everything together. He went into game ranging, I think.

  • Alan Cook - I can still remember Alan's phone number. I bumped into him at university, and he was still in touch with Eddie, so the three of us had a reunion dinner. If I'm not mistaken, he's an expert on precious metals; he went into metallurgy.

  • Gregory Miller - lived up the road from my gran in Germiston when I was in primary school.

  • Roy Blumenthal - I know what Roy's doing; he's a journalist and all-round artistic guy. I'm glad to have bumped into him on Facebook.

  • Maurice Gill - my Portuguese friend. I have him on Facebook, but he's very quiet. He could play the accordion damn well.

  • Salvatore Sanna - I was best friends with him in primary school too. He had an awesome Lego collection.

  • Dermot Grange - he and I lived opposite each other, and shared a love of model aircraft. He came on holiday to our farm often. His mother ran a flying school, so he could fly a plane. I think he's running the Durban branch of Mini Movers - he and his dad own the company.

High school, Bloemfontein
  • Steven Walker - he left the boarding school to go back to Joburg; I bumped into him years later, and he was running a computer repair business. Not surprising, because he was an absolute genius at electronics.

  • Peter Mayer - of an Italian family, he lived in Aliwal North. He studied Political Science at Wits (he was a political/military nut), but I never actually bumped into him there.

  • Stephen Howard - a carrot-topped friend from high school. He lived somewhere in Joburg.

  • Neil Ashman - one of the brightest people I knew, he's now a surgeon in London, I think.
(Yes, I'm wondering if anyone will stumble across this post via a search engine).

Friends cut

Sunday, 2 March 2008 21:48
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OK, as I said I would last week, I've done a bit of a friends cut. If you do read my journal, or don't want to be cut, for whatever reason, please reply and let me know! I've not done it because I don't like whomever I've cut, I've done it either because I think the journal is abandoned, or because I don't think the friend actually reads my journal any more.

On that note, if anyone does want to be defriended, for whatever reason, please say so, with no feelings of guilt or rancour on either side. I understand that people's preferences on LJ do change.


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