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Wednesday, 7 September 2011 12:15
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  • Wed, 07:31: I love Rove Mobile Admin: I can sort out system issues from my BlackBerry while on the way in to work. #fb

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Thursday, 12 May 2011 12:01
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  • Thu, 05:54: RT @DrTwittenheimer: Pro tip: a good way to make your boss think you're busy and hard-working is to be busy and work hard. #fb
  • Thu, 10:58: RT @simondingle: Hipsterdouche. An unfortunate but necessary new word. <- For Apple fanatics?

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 12:00
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Remember Y2K?

Thursday, 17 December 2009 10:49
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So, what were you doing when Y2K rolled around?

Like many of my colleagues, I spent Y2K at my company's data centre, alert for any issues. We didn't have any; everything had been patched and resolved long before, and a goodly number of forests used up in creating paperwork.

10 Years After Y2K -- Stories From the IT Battlegrounds
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This is pretty interesting: HP wanting to buy my former employer. I can only think it would be a good thing for both; HP gets some long-term contracts and a lot of well-trained staff, and EDS employees might get bonuses.

HP in talks to buy EDS
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A few pictures I've taken recently:

I loved the way the light from the sky caught the angled section of glass on this nearby building.

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Some interesting news articles I spotted today...

Euthanasia debate woman found dead
This poor woman was severely disfigured and in constant pain; she applied to the courts to be allowed to die in peace. That request was denied, and she was found dead a couple of days later. To be honest, I don't see why people shouldn't have the right to undergo euthanasia; regulated by psychological examination, perhaps, but still permissible.

Health warning against crucifixion
I just had to chuckle at this headline. Some people really take their religion just a little too far...

This morning I went off for a breakfast presentation by Citrix, held at the Westcliff Hotel. Wow, that is one nice hotel - and it's huge! When I parked, I was shown where to wait for the hotel shuttle. I thought I might just walk up, but I'm glad I didn't; the the shuttle (a large minibus) took 7 or 8 minutes to drive all the way up the rather steep hill. That would have been a good 25 minute walk. The hotel room rates range from R3670 ($460) per night to R16790 ($2100) for the presidential suite; a tad expensive for my tastes, but the hotel does have a nice view. The restaurant serves dinner with prices ranging from R280 (two courses) to R380 ($48) for the four-course meal - that's about twice as much as I'm prepared to pay at a good restaurant.

Bizarre call

Thursday, 17 January 2008 09:28
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I just had a bizarre problem to deal with at work.

A user logged a call to say that her user ID in made, on the network, on the mainframe, and everywhere else had disappeared, as if she had never existed. Helpdesk checked with her that she hadn't got married or changed her name or anything.

I checked the mail system, and found no mailbox with her name, and it would have shown up even if her user ID was deleted. Deciding she must be delusional, I searched through old extracts of user IDs from the network from months past, and finally stumbled across an old alias name from the mail system we phased out last year. Turns out that her name had indeed changed, definitely before September last year.

I'm wondering if she forgot her own name during the holidays...


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